The Roadmap: Moving Forward

It’s been over half a year since we started our journey and we would love to take this opportunity to reflect on it and update you on some of the stuff we have coming up. This post will outline upcoming features and changes and our reasoning behind it. So, enjoy!

Centralisation of products on TradingView

This one is an important topic and we urge you to read this bit. With our recently launched website, we have created a one-stop hub for all of our self-hosted services. Unfortunately, we are still dependant on external services like TradingView for our indicators. We have contacted them on numerous occasions and filed multiple support tickets to change the description of the current TrendMaster products because it still contains references to the old payment address. However, changing that description is apparently a sheer impossible task for them.

Our only option at this point in time is to remove the current indicator and re-upload it with a different description. As much as it pains us, we will have to go through with that effort to avoid any future confusion. This means that all of our users need to re-add the indicator to their charts once the migration is completed. We aim to keep downtime to a bare minimum.

IchimokuScholar currently hosts the free version of the TrendMaster indicator on his personal TradingView account. To centralize all of our indicators we have decided to have it removed from there and re-upload it to the TrendMaster TradingView account. Numerous people have asked us for a trial or being able to try it out before purchasing, so the free version will be treated as a trial version from here on out.

Changes to educational resources

Our current plans also offer educational resources that we host in Discord channels only available to users with a specific plan. Here’s how our users rate these educational resources based on a recent anonymous survey we sent out:

Education resources are our least popular/most unused feature.

As you can tell from the chart, about one-third of the respondents don’t use our educational resources. What also stands out is that there are quite a few people who find them below average. This makes it one of our least favorite features.

All of this has led to us feeling the need to make some changes to this feature. The first change is the location of these resources. Since we started out with only a Discord channel our only option was to put them there at the time. However, with our website now available it makes way more sense to host them there. We also feel that these resources should be freely available to anyone and will, therefore, migrate them to our website soon. This also gives us the opportunity to structure them in a more user-friendly way.

Changes to the Premium plan

In our recent survey, we also asked our users about our current pricing plans. One piece of feedback users gave us a lot was making the Binance USDT bots part of the Premium package. Our users feel like it would compliment the current bots available to the Premium users. As a result, we will move that feature down a tier making our Premium package an even better starter pack! Our current Premium users will see this change immediately at no additional cost 🙂

MokuMaster, Trends in BW and more…

You may have seen screenshots floating around on Crypto Twitter of a new indicator we’ve created named MokuMaster. This indicator is scheduled to be released to all of our Pro members soon. It also comes with an additional indicator that combines both MokuMaster and the Trends in BW indicator into one view, making confluence checking that much easier.

Confluence checking using the MokuMaster + BW combination indicator.

Since we are on the topic of Trends in BW anyway, we have decided to rename this indicator to better suit the rest of our indicators. However, a name has not yet been decided on. We’re partial to a Japanese word that fits the indicator followed by the word “Master”. The same goes for the combined indicator in the chart above that combines MokuMaster with Trends in BW. If you have any ideas we’d love to hear them! Here’s an overview of the name changes/indicator offering moving forward:

  • Trendmaster Trial (Available for free)
  • TrendMaster (Available for Premium and Pro)
  • MokuMaster (Available for Pro)
  • [Trends in BW] (To be renamed, available for Pro)
  • [No name indicator] (MokuMaster + [Trends in BW] combined, available for Pro)

When MokuMaster bots?

The inevitable question that arises when new indicators are made is; “when will we get bots for them?”. The answer is short and sweet, immediately! We are currently in the process of upgrading our users with the new indicators and the new bots are already out searching for opportunities as we speak!

MokuMaster in bot form!

Changes to pricing + Early Adopters

Back in October of 2018, when we started this adventure, we decided upon the current pricing tiers. Having no idea if this would ever take off we decided to review them if it was ever necessary. We also established that Pro users will always get access to all the latest bits and pieces we create. That is a rule we pride ourselves on and will not break. However, with all of the new features flowing in over the last few months we feel it’s time to review these tiers.

With the new indicators and bots becoming available for Pro and new features being added to Premium (USDT bots moved down a tier) we’ve decided on the following prices:

  • Premium – $100
  • Pro – $200
  • Upgrade – $100

We consider all of our current users to be Early Adopters. Some obviously a bit more so than others 😉 Either way, you all decided to join us on this adventure not knowing what you’d get out of it and for that we thank you. Therefore, the existing Premium and Pro members will remain in their tier without ever paying any additional fee.

To further show our appreciation we have decided to give everyone a grace period in which they can buy existing products or upgrade to Pro for the old price. So if you’ve had doubts whether or not to buy TM or upgrade your subscription, now’s the time to do it! This grace period will last until May 1st. The new prices will go live at that point.

  • Grace Period Premium – $50
  • Grace Period Pro – $100
  • Grace Period Upgrade – $50

Some more tidbits

We have more stuff on the backlog and are working to get that out there, but we do not have a date for them just yet:

  • A MokuMaster guide
  • Next parts in the TrendMaster Guide series
  • A webpage dedicated to MokuMaster for the website

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions based on this post, or perhaps something else is on your mind, we would love to hear about it! There are no stupid questions (usually) so feel free to start a discussion on our Discord.