Advanced TradingView indicators that reduce noise to help identify and manage profitable trades.


We provide educational content to assist traders in their journey to professional development.


We host a friendly community of traders sharing knowledge, trade ideas and strategy tips.

Market scanning bots

Our market scanning bots scan various exchanges, reporting trade setups to our Discord community.

Our flagship product

TrendMaster indicator

While pursuing our own trading careers we spent countless hours testing, refining and trading our own strategies. The result is one of the most comprehensive trend following indicators available on TradingView. Our rigorous testing process revealed that simplicity and clarity are paramount, particularly for less experienced traders. TrendMaster epitomises this mantra. The script provides all the information required and nothing more. By design TrendMaster eliminates noise from your charts and forces you to focus on meaningful information.

Market scanners and indicators

How it works

Our Discord market scanning bots provide a quality of life upgrade over manually checking every coin for an entry signal. They provide the same long and short signals that the TradingView indicator offers you, but wrapped into a simple, comprehensible list delivered straight to you through our Discord server! We have them running 24/7.

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Well documented

Easy to get started

The indicator system and all of its components have been thoroughly documented on our Docs portal. Everything you need to get your personal trading journey started can be found there. This is also where we provide educational content to assist traders in their journey to professional development.

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What people say about us

" Fortunately for beginners, the Discord group is there to take care of this part through tutorials, discussion with members as well as the support of Ichi and C00kie. In short, a very interesting tool, not very expensive and therefore accessible to the greatest number. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "
TrendMaster user
" I started using TrendMaster a few months ago, after I realized how valuable it is to have clear buy and sell signals that you can integrate easily in your trading rules. My trading got better, with more wins and less emotions. Warmly recommend it, one of the few useful and smartly programmed indicators available. "
Don CryptoD
TrendMaster user
" Regarding TrendMaster,i will say only one thing- its a great indicator and bots are the bonus Also you have got two of the best traders to help u out i.e, @IchimokuScholar and @Crypto_C00kie Thank you both for everything. "
Braj Bhushan
TrendMaster user
" My noobie thoughts on TM: 1.I’ve implemented it as part of my system 2.The bots save you TIME 3.The discord is nice & adult 4.The help&knowledge provided by @IchimokuScholar and @Crypto_C00kie maybe is the best part of whole thing.Really nice guys "
TrendMaster user
Trendmaster is an all-in-one solution that just works if you sit back, relax and let it do it's magic. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
TrendMaster user
It's been great for me give it 5 star for sure . A very helpful tool / indicator that makes it easier to trade 👌💪😎 TY Ichi 👍 Great trading mentor and price is best bargain in CT 🤩🤩🤩🤩
TrendMaster user

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