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Founded in 2018 by IchimokuScholar and C00kie, TrendMaster is a team that produces technical analysis indicators with an emphasis on simplicity and noise reduction. We support a large community with educational content, automated market scanners and mentoring in our private chat rooms.


Advanced TradingView indicators that reduce noise to help identify and manage profitable trades.


We provide educational content to assist traders in their journey to professional development.


We host a friendly community of traders sharing knowledge, trade ideas and strategy tips.


Our bots scan various exchanges, reporting trade setups to our Discord community.

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Latest blogs

The Roadmap: Moving Forward

It’s been over half a year since we started our journey and we would love to take this opportunity to reflect on it and update you on some of the stuff we have coming up. This post will outline upcoming features and changes and our reasoning behind it. So, enjoy!

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The virtue of not trading

This week I didn’t trade a lot and what little I did trade ended up being another losing trade. It proved that often times, the best trade is not taking one at all.

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A starter on position sizing

Let’s talk about position sizing for a bit. Why? Because this is something you want to stick to without compromise when trading. It’s also something that can kill your account really quickly when done badly.

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Data selection in algorithmic scripting

As I mentioned in one of the earlier pieces I wrote, data selection in scripting is, in my opinion, one of the harder subjects in creating a stable and profitable bot. In IT it’s a well known saying: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Writing a bot is one thing, but the data you decide to feed […]

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A Simple Start

In this article, I will explain some of the basic functions of Pine Script by creating a Moving Averages crossover strategy. If you follow along step by step, you too can make your own trend script!

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An introduction into algorithmic scripting

This is my first article and I’ve given some thought on the subject. There is a ton to choose from and a lot of choices would have been a nice and easy start, but I wanted to show you what the goal of the coming series is.

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